#6 – good times. good fabrics.


We had a very good time during the last months since our Debut LP
came out on Zeitstrafe! Thanks again to all the kind promoters
and everyone who came out to the shows!
Upcoming shows will be posted soon! If you‘re interested in setting up a
show for us go ahead: thedimensions@gmx.de

We have some merchandise left we want to give
away for a small amount.
If you‘re interested --> thedimensions@gmx.de

Still you can buy our Debut LP „ANTELOPES“ here.
Download the „Asihochhaus-Tape“ now for free here.

3 shirts in small left. 5€ + shipping costs

Small & medium shirts left. 7€ + shipping costs

2 in medium left. 7€ + shipping costs

Good for stealing in supermarkets: a bag. 5€ + shipping costs

s/t 7″-Vinyl – 2€ + shipping costs

„stereo e.p.“ 7″-Vinyl. – 1€ +shipping costs
I think there are about three pieces left.

Cheers from Franky, Maarten & Simon.