Hey friends!

On 6th of december 2014 we released our new E.P. „Blue Smoke“
by ourselves on 7″ vinyl. But you can also, download & listen to it
over at bandcamp.
Drop us a line if you want to purchase a 7″ vinyl (3,50€ + shipping) thedimensions@gmx.de

# 7 – All the old [s]hit[s]

Moin Moin to all of you!

We just decided to upload everything we released until 2011
to our new bandcamp-page for you to listen & download for free!

Including following Releases:
2006 Demo
2008 stereo e.p.
2010 s/t e.p.
2011 Asihochhaus Tape.

Just go to our bandcamp-page!

And now we feel like party and scream:
„whoohooo we finally joined the bandcamp-mania!!“
(guess who is who!)

#6 – good times. good fabrics.


We had a very good time during the last months since our Debut LP
came out on Zeitstrafe! Thanks again to all the kind promoters
and everyone who came out to the shows!
Upcoming shows will be posted soon! If you‘re interested in setting up a
show for us go ahead: thedimensions@gmx.de

We have some merchandise left we want to give
away for a small amount.
If you‘re interested --> thedimensions@gmx.de

Still you can buy our Debut LP „ANTELOPES“ here.
Download the „Asihochhaus-Tape“ now for free here.

3 shirts in small left. 5€ + shipping costs

Small & medium shirts left. 7€ + shipping costs

2 in medium left. 7€ + shipping costs

Good for stealing in supermarkets: a bag. 5€ + shipping costs

s/t 7″-Vinyl – 2€ + shipping costs

„stereo e.p.“ 7″-Vinyl. – 1€ +shipping costs
I think there are about three pieces left.

Cheers from Franky, Maarten & Simon.


Hey everyone!

We are proud to announce, that we will release our debut LP
ANTELOPES“ on Zeitstrafe on 16th of march 2012.
Pre-orders come with a super nice poster. [click to pre-order]
The releaseshows will take place at Aetherblissement in Cologne
and the next day at Nexus in Braunschweig – both with Dauntless Elite

Watch the teaser:

More to listen to next week!
keep your ears open!

Have a nice day,
the dimensions

#4 Tour – Fotostory

We are on tour this march, the last dates will be announced soon.
We also made a „flyer“ for the last show of our tour in Ibbenbüren.
There will also be a limitation of Photo-printed Flyers. Much fun.
Click here for the facebook-event

Now enjoy the Fotostory for our Flyer:











#3 – Asihochhaus-Tape

We will release the „Asihochhaus-Tape“ on the 21st and 22nd of October,
when we‘ll share the stage with RVIVR in Cologne and Münster.
You can now listen to two of the 7 songs here.

There will be 50 pieces and pre-order starts today.
Just send us a quick note: thedimensions@gmx.de
1 Tape costs 3€ (shipping costs: 1,50€)
The Tape will also include a download-link, so you can
listen to it, even when your walkman is somehow gone.

This is Chambers 003:


Since blog entry #1 we played some shows and a tour with Antitainment & Trip Fontaine. That was nice. At the moment we‘re just pre-recordig the last songs. We just finished the drum-recordings. So in june we‘ll be in the studio with Robin Völkert. He also recorded our 7″es.
Below you can see a musicvideo made by Franky for the song „Two, Someday“. Tilman Benning better known as Tiger Youth plays the boy in the video.


From now on you should check this blog instead of our myspace profile if you‘re interested in whats going on with „the dimensions“. The last months we were busy writing new songs and we also did some pre-recordings. Seems like our stuff is getting more danceable. We are going to play some shows in march and april. Check the shows-section for further information.